The Evolution of Wedding Planning and Photography

Many things have changed over the last decade, from the quality of technology to the way people communicate with one another, to ever-changing trends. With all this change, it’s no surprise that the process of planning a wedding has changed as well. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition, but with all these exciting new aspects, why not try something new and exciting?

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The quality of wedding photography isn’t the only thing that has changed over the years. In more recent years, photographers have been asked to shoot proposals; what were formerly intimate moments between a couple, are now documented for family members and friends to witness in engagement announcements.


Couples are also big fans of candid shots on their wedding day, whether it’s a first look picture or creative pictures of their wedding party.


Although it used to be taboo to see the bride before the ceremony, couples are not only taking part in the “first look” more often, but they are also opting to take their photos before the ceremony; this gives couples and wedding parties more time and a fresh appearance before they sweat (or cry) their makeup or hair out of place during the ceremony! Regardless of how you choose to capture your special day, it’s important to keep in mind that your photos should be a reflection of your love to have as a keepsake of the beginning of a lifetime of happiness with your spouse!


Women’s Attire

Oak_Brook_Engagement_Proposal_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0005In past decades, the majority of brides wore traditional white dresses in modest silhouettes; some say this was to signify purity, but other historical evidence shows it dates back to Queen Victoria in 1840’s England. Since traditions are constantly evolving, modern brides have taken on some seriously fun and exciting trends. From tea-length wedding gowns to veil-style capes, brides are pushing the envelope when it comes to shape. For color, it is far more common to see brides in champagne and blush-toned dresses for a subtle spin on the traditional white. Classic white gowns have always been a timeless piece, but who knows what the future will hold for this trend.

Men’s Attire

Emerson Creek Tea Room and Pottery Barn Wedding_0041For grooms, it is sometimes challenging to put a modern-day take on a classic tuxedo. Most suits and tuxedos were made from polyester, which can get very hot, very quickly. Some companies are shifting to lighter, more breathable fabrics that still maintain a high-quality look that is wedding-ready. Also, instead of spending too many hours and dollars on getting a suit tailored at a shop, grooms have started looking into online suit and tuxedo rental companies like The Black Tux. The company sends the suit or tuxedo of the groom’s choice right to their house two weeks prior to any event to ensure it fits just right; all they have to do is wear it and ship it back afterward! Since most men love a hassle- and stress-free option for their wardrobe, this makes perfect sense.

Onion Pub Barrington Wedding_0011

Although the times are changing, there is one thing will (probably) never change: weddings are a celebration of the love you share with your other half, and the start of the rest of your lives together. Check out the graphic below that was assembled by The Black Tux to take a look back on some other evolving trends.


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