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Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0044An intimate and fun wedding with two parts, a beautiful outdoor courtyard ceremony at Ravisloe Country club followed by a fun party at Cindy’s Rooftop Restaurant Chicago!  I started the day with Lauren and Mark with some of Lauren getting ready and then a private first look outside of the hotel. From there we met up with friends and Lauren’s family to do some pictures around Chicago. It was a blast and a very sunny cool October day! I asked Lauren and Mark about the first look. Lauren told me “We did the first look and there are a lot of logistical reasons why this worked best for us.  However, up until we spoke to you about the timeline, I was picturing seeing Mark for the first time walking down the aisle.  What changed my mind was that you told us the day flies by so quickly (which we had heard from many other people) and if we waited to see each other until 3 pm we basically miss half the day together.  For that reason I am happy we did it.  Mark and I had a lot of nice moments, just the two of us during pictures.”

From the city and after capturing some nice portraits of Lauren and Mark together and with Lauren’s family and friends we headed to the south suburbs for the ceremony at Ravisloe. The plan for Ravisloe was to have a intimate ceremony in the beautiful courtyard and then celebrate! We did some more pictures with Lauren and Mark as well as Mark’s family before heading inside for a few toasts, cake and champagne. Lauren and Mark also did the traditional wedding dances since the space was limited at Cindy’s. From there we headed back into the city to Cindy’s Rooftop Restaurant Chicago for the dinner party. The views from the balcony of Millenium park and the sunset were beautiful!

Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0041Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0042Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0043Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0045Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0046Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0047Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0048Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0049Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0050

ADVICE FROM THE HAPPY COUPLE: “When you start planning the wedding, think about when you are the happiest together and amongst your family and friends.  For me, it is sharing a good meal, good wine and good conversation.  Have that be the focus of your day.  Plan the most time for that, because that is the part of the day you will enjoy the most and don’t try to pack too many other things into the day.  Everyone tells you to just be present on the day, but that is impossible to do when you have every ten minutes scheduled for something.  Also, leave plenty of extra time in your schedule.  Things always run behind, so leave yourself some time to catch up.”

Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0051Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0052Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0053Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0054

One of Lauren’s favorite and most memorable parts of the wedding day was hearing Mark’s vows. Lauren and Mark both wrote and repeated their own vows on the wedding day. Lauren told me that “Mark’s vows are the only words I remember from the ceremony.  They meant more to me than anything else that was said or repeated.”

Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0055Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0056Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0057Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0058Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0059Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0060Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0061Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0062Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0063Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0064Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0065

Lauren and Mark told me that their favorite moment from the wedding was at Cindy’s. “Having drinks on the balcony of Cindy’s was my favorite part.  At that point, all the logistics were over.  Our friends and family who had never been there were in awe of the view.  The wine started flowing.  I could completely relax and just enjoy the company of our friends and family.  That was the point where the day changed in my mind from our friends and family just watching Mark and I do various things, to me feeling like we were part of the group we had wanted with us on that day.”

Ravisloe Golf Club Wedding_Photographer_Laura_Meyer_Photography_0066

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