Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding :: Julie and Kevin

Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding
I was so very excited to have another wonderful Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding. We started with the bride and groom getting ready at a hotel before meeting at the Onion Pub to do a first look and wedding pictures before the ceremony and party. It was a lovely December day for a wedding and we had an hour of sunlight left for some fun wedding pictures and romantic bride and groom pictures with Julie and Kevin!

I asked Julie what her favorite moment from her Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding was and she told me it was the first look. I have to agree with her, Julie and Kevin’s first look was so touching, laughter, tears and lots of smiles!

Julie’s words: “My absolute favorite moment was our “first look”. I was so very nervous, and I never ever imagined wanting to do this whenever I dreamt of my wedding day, however, it alleviated so many uneasy feelings. Those moments walking up to him slowly and tapping him on the shoulder was the most excited I ever felt. When he turned around and I saw his emotional reaction, everything just fell into place. He’s whispering “wow, you’re just so beautiful” and that made me feel the best ever. I loved how private it was and how we got to see and spend a little time together, take photos, talk a little bit about our feeling, and then got to do it all over again during the ceremony.

I felt like we were the only two in the entire world at that moment. it was completely magical!”

Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding
Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding
Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding

My favorite moment, as a wedding photographer, was Julie and Kevin’s ceremony. It was so personalized. Julie’s brother gave a touching service with a lot of fun details about Julie and Kevin as a couple. There were twinkle lights everywhere and it looked so magical viewing it from my lens.

I especially liked how Julie and Kevin decided to take the part of the ceremony that is normally for the unity candle and made it all about them. They shared a special beer, the one they drank on their first date, in lieu of candles. The first date that changed everything for this couple and united two people who had been searching for each other for a long time.

It was so fun and now two became one and smiles on everyone’s faces! One of the best ceremonies I have been honored to capture all season!!

Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding
Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding
Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding

I asked Julie and Kevin if they had any advice for other couples planning an Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding. They told me: “Decide on your major decisions first (venue, photographer, music), set a budget, figure out a timeline to stay on track to avoid rushing around the week before. My mistake was I had just simply run out of time and stressed over things and people (guests) getting in my way-everything in the end turned out perfectly. And most importantly, work as a team with your fiance. Talk, discuss what you both want, be forgiving. Enjoy this once in a lifetime process because it’s so worth it.”

Julie and Kevin told me that they wouldn’t change a thing about their Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding. “Not one thing. Everything we wanted to do, we planned and took our time with and made it happen. To me, it was the most perfect and best day of my life. I was so happy with the schedule we followed, and the detailed planning to ensure we were taking care of along with our wedding party and guests. Yes, this was so much work, but if you want to add those personalized details, you have to take the time to plan it.

Onion Pub Lake Barrington Wedding

A special THANK YOU to the staff at the Wild Onion Pub Lake Barrington. Congratulations Julie and Kevin, I wish you nothing but love and laughter as you begin your happily ever after!

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