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Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer Outdoor ceremony at sunset

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer captures a beautiful sunset ceremony and fun tent reception with the sweetest couple, wait until you check out the vintage mustang!

What a fun and magical, picture perfect all wedding for a sweet couple. Sally Ann and Marty choose a the beautiful Eagleswood Resort in Itasca for their wedding festivities. The day was complete with tears of joy and many laughter filled moments. I also loved that the groom brought his vintage mustang for some photos, after all he was about to say “I do” to a Sally and we would have to get a a “Mustang Sally” picture for him!!  My favorite moment from the day was doing pictures with the couple around the grounds and with the Mustang before the wedding celebrations began. We had a blast!

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer bride getting ready interesting reflection with mirrorEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer bride getting ready Eaglewood Resort Wedding PhotographerEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer groom getting ready

I asked the bride and groom what their favorite moment from the wedding day was and was the same! The first look!! So many couples are hesitant of doing a first look on the big day, fearing with will make the day less special when the time comes to walk down the aisle. I always promise, it only adds to a more amazing day! It allows more time together with less stress and pressure of time restraints.  Sally Ann told me:

“As a more “mature” bride, I was really apprehensive about the First Look concept.  I liked the idea of having pictures completed before the ceremony so that we could enjoy our celebration with our guests, but I was not sure I would like seeing my handsome groom beforehand.  I was concerned that it would somehow take away from seeing each other when I walked down the aisle.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Without question, my favorite moment in the wedding was our first look.  I opened my mouth to say his name and was completely overtaken with emotion.  When I as finally able to say his name and he turned around, it was nothing short of magical.  I completely forgot that you were there and was totally caught up in the moment of seeing Marty and being in his arms.  Having the next 30 minutes together was so much fun and relaxing.  And despite my concern, I still lost my breath when I met Marty’s eyes as I walked down the aisle.”

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer first lookEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer first glance between couple sweet tearful moment

Marty said his favorite moments from the wedding day:

“First Look and the time we spent taking pictures of just the two of us. It was the only time in the entire day that were alone together, other than our photographers, who I barely noticed because I couldn’t take my eyes off my beautiful bride. We were free to react to each other and really enjoy the moment. It was great!” His advice for couples planning a wedding is to “Let your personality show during your ceremony. Laugh, cry, say something funny, scream, be you!  After we said our vows, my bride was crying and asked for my handkerchief. I gave it to her and then told her I would be needing that back. My mic was on and everyone started laughing. She previously told everyone I would be the first to cry.” Such great advice!!

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer mustang and brideEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer bride and groom with grooms vintage car mustangEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer bride and groom walking at resort

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer wedding ceremony brides reactionEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer ceremony grooms reactionEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer rings given by young ringbearerEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer ring exchangeEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer first kiss and exit after ceremonyEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer tent reception details and cakeEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer brides surprise to groom and reaction

The bride’s advice to couples planning their wedding “Have fun planning your wedding and enjoy getting caught up in all the details.  But when the day finally arrives, give up control and just let the day happen.” I love this detail surprise that she planned for the groom, they are both big time marathon runners, so this details was very fitting. I am happy I was able to capture his reaction to seeing it for the first time together before all the family and friends were invited into the tent for the dinner and party!

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer grooms toast to the brideEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer bride's sisters toastsEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer bride and groom first danceEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer groom and mother danceEaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer dancing at wedding

When I asked if they would do anything different with the wedding day plans, both Sally Ann and Marty said that  “Absolutely not. Parts of the day were perfect as planned and other parts didn’t quite go smoothly but gave us fun stories to tell.” Such a great attitude. No matter what happens and what plans go off course, it is important to just remember – it is still your special day and you should just relax and enjoy the moment. The stories are fun to tell later! Congratulations Sally Ann and Marty! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your amazing Eaglewood Resort wedding day! We wish you nothing but love and laughter as you begin your happily ever after!

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Photographer party dancing picture of bride and groom

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